Best video editing app for Youtuber | Android Apps

In this era of internet, most people have a smartphone. People are recording all kinds of photography and video from their smartphones. Many people also edit video from phone but many people are not aware of it. So let us tell you about some video editing mobile app today.

GoPro Quik

Go Pro Quick is a great app for video editing in mobile. It is also easy to use. Through this app you can edit videos instantly and share them with your friends. With the help of this app, you can add text to the video, although all videos will have Go Pro Quick logo. There will be 23 editing styles in it. You can download it from play store.


You must have known about the Viva Video Editing app. This is a very popular video editing app. This video app has strong features like cut / trim, merge, slow-fast, blur background. Also you can watch the preview before saving the video. Apart from this, tools have also been provided for speed control of audio-video. You can also share videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.


InShot is also a great video editing Android app. This app is used by many big youtuber and ticketlock users. There are many modes and features available in this app. Also, there is an option to share directly on social media in this app. Through this app you can edit videos in different sizes for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Users of this video editing app also have plenty. More than 10 million people have downloaded it from the Play Store. In this, along with the video, modes like text, photo, sticker, special effects, music editing will be available in the video. With this app you can also control the speed of times lapse and slow motion video.


In this app, features such as trimmer, reverse, merge, video-audio mixer, animated gif, slide show, video rotate, text add are provided for video editing. You will easily find this app on Google Play Store.

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